Overview of NG9-1-1 Project

The NG9-1-1 project is a statewide effort to modernize the existing 9-1-1 system in Arizona. The project aims to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of 9-1-1 services while enabling new capabilities such as geospatial routing, improved redundancy and leveraging an Emergency Service IP Network (ESiNET).

The NG9-1-1 project involves upgrading and integrating various 9-1-1 technologies, including 9-1-1 call handling systems, dispatch systems, mapping systems, and database systems. It also involves implementing new protocols and standards to ensure interoperability and compatibility with other systems and networks.
The NG9-1-1 project is being led by the Arizona Department of Administrations (ADOA) 9-1-1 Program in partnership with Comtech Telecommunications, AT&T, and Motorola. The project is funded through a combination of state and federal grants and the state 9-1-1 surcharge, a collection of wireless, wireline, VoIP, and prepaid user fees.

Overall, the NG9-1-1 project is expected to significantly enhance the ability of 9-1-1 responders to quickly and effectively respond to emergencies and to provide more comprehensive and reliable 9-1-1 services to the residents of Arizona.

To see the status of Next Generation 9-1-1 in the state and to see if your community has the improved infrastructure, a status page can be found here.