Date: Wednesday, October 20, 2021 Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Please join us for a presentation and discussion on ESChat’s broadband PTT architecture, with options for Interoperability with LMR, Dispatch and Logging solutions. We’ll discuss three types of interoperability, Inter-Carrier
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History has proven time and again that communication is often hampered when a natural disaster strikes. Wildfires create widespread chaos that expands beyond political and government-managed borders; flooding events can evolve quickly, making it difficult for first responders to know what’s going on
  Alex Saucedo, GenCell’s director of sales for the Americas, discusses characteristics of the company’s hydrogren-fuel-cell technology, which can provide resilient backup power as long as months at a time. Saucedo outlines the capabilities of both existing offerings and the development roadmap for
Cell-tower-in-space connectivity provider Lynk Global yesterday announced that it has proven that its low-earth-orbit (LEO) satellite-to-unmodified-cell-phone technology support two-way communications—a finding that could prove significant for the public-safety and critical-communications sectors.
Adair Grover, CEO of smart-infrastructure provider Wi-Fiber, explains how the company’s mi.mec private edge-cloud service and community-engagement platform lets municipalities like Canton, Ohio, realize capabilities like gunshot detection, real-time video analytics and automated transportation
  Robb Robinson, Cobham SATCOM’s head of critical solutions for the Americas, showcases the components of the company’s Explorer solution, which lets users extend their land-mobile-radio (LMR) coverage area by seamlessly leveraging LTE and satellite connectivity. IWCE 2021 attendees can learn more
  AINA Wireless CEO Maximilian LeRoux showcases the company’s Kepler LTE speaker microphone, which enables normal push-to-talk speaker microphone functionality with a twist: the ability to support direct-mode communication at distances up to a mile, which is about twice the greatest range achieved
  Roman Kaluta, director of interoperability solutions for JPS Interoperability Solutions, describes the capabilities of the company’s Z-series line of products. IWCE 2021 attendees can learn more by visiting company officials in Booth 837 during exhibit-hall hours on Wednesday and Thursday.        
  John Goocher, president and CEO of Assured Wireless, describes the functionality packed inside the high-power-user-equipment (HPUE) company’s new MegaGo kit, a rugged case that is designed to be carried to a scene, providing extended-range broadband communications–via the MegaRange HPUE service