Request for Information on Real-Time-Text Deployments

Recently, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published RTP-Mixer Formatting of Multiparty Real-Time Text, which describes the use of RTT mixers for multi-party sessions.  This functionality facilitates the transfer of emergency calls involving real-time text and audio between call takers, callers, and other agents by identifying the source along with the text generated by each participant in a conference associated with an attended transfer. The NENA  i3 Standard for Next Generation 9-1-1 provides standards to support RTT-to-RTT deployment. In order to determine if the NENA PSAP Readiness for Real-Time Text (RTT) Information Document should be updated to further support RTT-to-RTT calls, we would like to know what level of RTT deployment has occurred or is planned. Proprietary and/or confidential information is not being sought as part of the inquiry.

 The NENA RTT Workgroup would like  your input on the current state of your RTT support by answering the following:

  • Do you have experience of RTT 9-1-1 calls handled by a TTY equipped PSAP?

  • Do you have experience of RTT 9-1-1 calls handled in an RTT capable PSAP?

  • Are you willing to be contacted by the NENA RTT Working Group Co-Chairs regarding your experience? 

Please submit your responses via email here