NG9-1-1 CLDXF Standard Available for 2nd Public Review & Comment

The NENA Next Generation 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) United States Civic Location Data Exchange Format (CLDXF) Standard provides a definitive set of core civic location data elements that support emergency response and supports the exchange of United States civic location information related to 9-1-1 calls, both within the US and internationally, by defining the detailed data elements needed for location data exchange.

As this is a 2nd public review, only the highlighted text is open for comment. 

Members of the Working Group can download the document and submit comments by going here and selecting "Add a Comment" from the "Edit" icon. Others can download the document and submit comments by going here and then selecting "Add a Comment" from the "Document Actions" icon.

When submitting comments, please include 1) the line number(s) associated with each comment; 2) a brief explanation of the comment(s); and 3) suggested resolution(s) for each comment. Please complete all requested data and click "Save," or, if submitting multiple comments, click "Save and Add Another."

If you are providing editorial comments, such as corrections to typos, grammatical errors, style/numbering errors, or incorrect references/links, please document them under one comment and list the page and line number for each. 

All comments are due by May 10, 2022. Contact the NENA Committee Resource Manager with any questions or concerns.