New Peer Support Document Now Available

The NENA Peer Support Team Development, Implementation, and Oversight Information Document  provides guidance on how to develop, implement, and oversee a Peer Support Program. Information provided covers the most basic tenants of a Peer Support Program but may also reference expansions or enhancements the reader may use if they have the available resources and/or means. Focus on 9 1 1 industry wellness is ever increasing including the recognized need for improved and more thorough access to mental health support for all levels of 9 1-1 industry professionals.
Peer Support is one way to provide or expand mental health and wellness support to 9 1-1 industry professionals. However, given the sensitive nature of Peer Support and the absolute need for assured confidentiality, it is important that Peer Support Teams are developed, implemented, and overseen with due regard. This document is written with the intent to be inclusive of every type of 9 1 1 industry organization and of every size. If using this document to develop, implement, or oversee their own Peer Support Program, the reader will need to take into consideration their local policies and laws and adapt policy and procedure language to suit their organization. Special consideration should be given to the reader’s state laws regarding 9-1 1 professionals “first responder” status and how that relates to any standing law regarding protection for Peer Support and/or Crisis Team confidentiality. Recommendations within this document are based on learned best practices, research, and experience and form the basis for on-going improvement of Peer Support efficacy.