NENA Seeks Participants for Upcoming NG9-1-1 Testing Event

i3 version 3 was published in July 2021, alongside numerous other standards that were completed or will be completed around the same period. Version 3 brings numerous new features and fundamental changes to the overall architecture; chiefly, one of these is a move from SOAP / XML to REST / JSON for programmatic interfaces and data structures, which means that even functions that do not have any feature changes or additions may have a completely new interface. This means that many interactions that have been tested at previous events need to be re-evaluated at NENA's 10th NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Event (ICE).

Alongside i3v3, many other standards were also published at around the same time, and many are directly incorporated into i3. Considering that this presents a “next generation” of NG9-1-1, the ICE Steering Committee has chartered the 10th ICE to focus on testing implementations of new and updated features in i3 version 3, as well as other specifications that i3 incorporates or relies on. Additionally, there are production implementations of NG9-1-1 in place at telecommunications carriers today, as well as within mobile device operating systems (think Android and iOS), and it is an additional goal of the ICE Steering Committee to test end-to-end implementations of i3 on production consumer equipment, carrier networks, NG9-1-1 core services and PSAP software, as much as feasible, at this and all our subsequent events.

The ICE 10 overall goals are to execute an event that:

1. Allows vendors to come to a common understanding of how the new i3v3 and associated standards are to be interpreted and implemented and to test new feature and updated architecture using these new standards;
2. Attracts and encourages the widest possible participation of vendors from across the globe that have products in the focus area (even those outside of the traditional 9‑1‑1 marketplace);
3. Allows all participating vendors to test all valid architectures and configurations requested;
4. Delivers relevant feedback on standards to the appropriate NENA Technical Committee(s) and identifies any gaps in existing standards work;
5. Allows vendors to better understand the interoperability between their implementations and products developed by other vendors;
6. Allows for the gathering of relevant results data that will be reported to NENA Technical Committees and, to other SDOs, and, at a high level, to the general public, all in formats appropriate to the target audience; and
7. Produces key findings and recommendations that help to improve the overall interoperability framework for NG9‑1‑1.

An ICE 10 Planning Committee has been formed, and vendors of all NG9-1-1 equipment and systems are encouraged to join. Interested vendors should contact James Kinney, ICE 10 Planning Committee Chair, for event details or to volunteer to be the event Vice Chair. To join the Planning Committee please contact Delaine Arnold, NENA ICE Testing Coordination Manager, as soon as possible.

Additional details are available here.