NENA Now Accepting 2023-24 Board of Directors Nominations

September 1, 2022
NENA is pleased to open the nominations process for our 2023-24 Board of Directors election! This election will be for the following positions:
  • Second Vice President
  • Northeastern Region Director 
  • North Central Region Director
  • Canadian Region Director
Each Officer or Director of the Association at the time of their nomination and throughout all times during their candidacy and term(s) of service, must:
  • Maintain membership, in good standing, in the Association;
  • Maintain certification as an Emergency Number Professional in accordance with the prevailing
    requirements for that certification;
  • Discharge, with all due diligence, the duties attendant upon the position they hold;
  • Comply with all Association policies pertaining to activities of the Association in which they participate;
  • If serving as a Region Director, reside within the Region represented;
  • If serving as the Private Sector Director, maintain the status of Private Sector member; and
  • If serving as an Officer:
    • Derive no more than 15% of their instantaneous income from for-profit or commercial activity that is connected in any way to the 9-1-1 industry;
    • Annually, or at the time of any change in employment, sign an affidavit of compliance attesting that they meet this qualification; and
    • Consent to the release, at any time, of any employment, financial, or tax information that may be requested by the Board of Directors in order to validate compliance with this qualification.
Click here to download a .zip file of documents and resources that includes:
  • Statement of Responsibilities - Must be signed by nominee and co-signed by an agency representative (if applicable)
  • Nomination Form - Can be completed by the applying candidate or by a third-party nominator
  • Relevant NENA polices and procedures
  • NENA's bylaws

Click here to fill out your board nomination form online. A paper form is available in the .zip file of documents and resources.

The nomination deadline is October 1, 2022 at 5PM Eastern. Contact the Elections Committee with any questions about the nomination process, eligibility requirements, or general election details.