NENA Experiencing Email Outage | 12.06 Update - Temporary Addresses Established

December 6, 2022

Updated Tuesday, 12.06

NENA is currently experiencing an email service outage. There has been no breach of NENA member or volunteer data and only NENA’s email is affected.

Our third-party email host is actively working to resolve the issue and we hope to have service restored as quickly as possible. If you have emailed NENA since the evening of Thursday, 12.01, your email has not been delivered. NENA staff are using temporary Gmail accounts until service is restored. The temporary staff email directory is as follows:

Brandon Abley – [email protected]
Anna Marie Batt – [email protected]
Brian Fontes – [email protected]
Lisa Fulton – [email protected]
April Heinze – [email protected]
Ann Hindman – [email protected]
Michelle Meyer – [email protected]
Chris Nussman – [email protected]
Vicki Pickett – [email protected]
Bri Robinson – [email protected]
Brooks Shannon – [email protected]
Amanda Tegtmeyer – [email protected]
Laura Tucker – [email protected]
Committee Resource Manager – [email protected]
CID Support – [email protected]

If you have any questions about the authenticity of any message received from a staff Gmail address, you can also find staff direct-dial phone numbers here.

We apologize for any inconvenience this service outage has caused. We'll post additional details here as they become available.