Register | Book your room (coming soon) | Learn more The health and safety of NENA event attendees is a top priority, and, as such, we have moved #NENAGTW to March. The new dates are March 15-18. Current registrants received an email on Friday, January 21 to confirm their attendance on the new dates
The Virtual PSAP Management Work Group (WG) is being formed to update the Virtual PSAP Management Information Document which has not been updated since 2017. Since that time, PSAPs have experienced significant lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as other significant events, that
The NG9-1-1 Operational Diversity and Redundancy Work Group (WG) is being formed to provide best practices for applying redundancy and resiliency concepts to operational aspects of NG9-1-1 systems. The WG will develop a document detailing best practices for operating an NG9-1-1 system with a
The NENA Standard for Social Media Emergency Requests provides guidance to PSAPs in establishing standard operating procedures in the handling of emergency requests for public safety assistance that originate on social media networks and interacting with providers for exigent circumstances. Members
Having adjudicated all comments, the NENA Suicide/Crisis Line Interoperability Standard is now considered “stable.” Per NENA IPR & Antitrust Policy, Section 4.5.1 “Stable Form Notice” is being issued and is shown below. 4.5 Declarations during ReviewWhen any Deliverable is in stable form, but before
The NENA Education Advisory Board seeks engaging and enthusiastic instructors to support NENA's Education & Training program. If you are a subject-matter expert in one or more of the below areas and you have a proven track record as an excellent instructor, then you are invited to help NENA provide
NENA is seeking potential venues that can provide a capable and secure environment conducive to performing the inter-vendor testing of i3 version 3 and related standards called for in the event charter. At NENA’s ICE events, members of the public-safety vendor community gather to test
The William E. Stanton Award is NENA's highest honor. It is bestowed upon an individual who has not only excelled in his or her everyday job, but has gone above and beyond to further NENA's goals. Nominations for this prestigious annual award are now open. Click here for additional information on
NENA has established a scholarship program to honor the commitment of William "Bill" McMurray, ENP, Past President, to the mission of NENA and 9-1-1 education. The scholarship will be awarded for the NENA 2022 Conference & Expo, and covers the conference registration fee and four nights of lodging
Improving Response to Domestic-Violence 9-1-1 CallsWednesday, January 26 | 3PM Eastern (live) or On-DemandFREE for NENA Members | Not a member? Join today to receive access!Click here to register!Domestic-violence 9-1-1 calls can be challenging. It might appear that, with so many organizations