Current Projects

The Arizona 9-1-1 program is committed to providing transparency to stakeholders about the projects it supports. One way it can do this is by maintaining a publicly available list of active and completed projects, along with details about each project's goals, timelines, and progress. This information can be made available on the program's website or through other public channels, such as press releases or public presentations.

In addition to providing information about specific projects, the Arizona 9-1-1 Program may update its overall progress and performance regularly. This could include data on the number of 9-1-1 calls received and other measures of effectiveness. The program may also make information available about its budget, funding sources, and any challenges or issues it faces.

By being transparent about its activities and progress, the Arizona 9-1-1 Program can help to build trust and confidence with its stakeholders, including the public, elected officials, and other partners. It can also help ensure that the program is accountable for its programs and meeting the community's needs.